Established since 2012, MONA, with its rough and sophisticated style, is one of the first French micro-brands specialised in watchmaking.

Our philosophy, engraved in the values that guide us and our creations, is the acceptance and celebration of duality and contradiction. Because we embrace the delicate balance between madness and wisdom, confidence and doubt, intensity and lightness.

We do not claim to reinvent watchmaking, but rather to design watches for those who see the world as we do.

Imperfect, often unpredictable

but at the same time constant and naturally rich.

The soul of things

AT MONA, duality is everything, and we are guided by an unshakeable conviction: that all things have a soul. We believe that each object has a story, a savoir-faire, and carries within it promises that are passed on from one generation to the next.

The soul of things is a philosophy that reminds us at all times that we are working with heritage, to design an object that is both the guardian of present time and will be passed on, tomorrow, accompanied by all its complexity.

Therefore, when a watch is used for its intended purpose, its owner becomes master of time, master of his time, dominating events, from the smallest to the most decisive. In a way, he becomes the guarantor of this soul that we have imagined for him. 

This is our song

We are in a dynamic concerned with all the stages of creation and manufacture.

Thus, from the first drawing to the first piece leaving the factory, we pay particular attention to the finish of the smallest surface, the smallest angle and this is how the details on our watches take on all their meaning.

The machining treatments on the case collide gently and the boundary between matte and raw becomes negligible. And the external knurling also allows us to highlight the work of the material and its art.

They take up the codes of watchmaking but also escape from them by avoiding the use of lugs. recalling the origins of the brand.

Quartz and Mechanical movements from watchmakers renowned for their know-how have been part of our watches since 2012.

The dials offer a minimalist and refined design, with a soft and sober hue, making it easier to read the time, and becoming an aesthetic signature of our creations.

So we see watches as companions, partners, attached to us, literally, on the wrist, every day.